A new Trinidad artist, Leigh Elliott, is being featured at the Bachman Real Estate office for the rest of the month of October. Her medium is oil, and her subjects are portraits, animals and still life object collections. Her works vibrate with warmth and beauty.  

Elliott is a talented artist who Trinidad residents got to know when she served as Creative in Residence at the Trinidad History Museum in the Spring of 2018. In that role she taught a class in oil painting at the History Museum. Among her students was Carlos Lopez, a man who is currently a member of the Trinidad City Council. Love blossomed and a wedding is around the corner.

Elliott grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. She loved art history as a child and always wanted to be an oil painter. A tug-or-war between practicality and love finally ended with a choice to follow what she loved. Elliott was influenced by John Singer Sargent and Freda Kahlo, among others. She is currently studying with Albuquerque artists Shana Levenson and David Kassan.  

Elliott has been very busy with her painting. She has been in two shows a month on average, and has won awards in our local competitions, like the TALAS show at Corazone Gallery. Elliott is a member of the Oil Painters of America and the Portrait Society of America. One goal of hers is to be admitted to the Art Renewal Center as a sponsored artist.

While much of the art world today embraces “protest art,” Elliott likes the traditional artistic goal of creating a thing of beauty. She wants to make pretty things that enhance joy, harmony, and peace in the world.  

Drop by the Bachman Real Estate offices at 132 E. Main Street and you’re likely to agree that she is achieving her goals.

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