On Wednesday, Nov. 6, Trinidad City Council met for their regular meeting, a day later than usual due to the fact that Tuesday, Nov. 5 was the final day of open elections.

Among items on the agenda was a presentation by Jerry Campbell of the Trinidaddio board with an update on next year’s festivities. Campbell stated that with the rise in prices of equipment and Rusty Goodall stepping down from the board who was a big help, the board had almost resigned to make a drastic change.

“We were about ready to cancel it and then came up with a little different idea,” said Campbell. “We saw a huge need to reduce the work load at the very least. Right now what we’re going to do is have extra events, one on June 27, one on July 25, and then our regular dates in August on the 28 and 29 of 2020. All of the events will be held in the entertainment district.”

Hosting the event downtown means the individuals involved will have a better time overseeing the events and can more efficiently manage the Blues Fest Campbell explained.

“This will take a huge burden off of everyone that’s involved with the Blues Fest,” said Campbell, “plus we’ll be able to reduce our capital expenditures by about $50,000 a year and reduces our work load by about 80 percent.”

Campbell shared that there would be a focus on different genres of music leading up to the regularly anticipated Blues Fest in August.

“Overall, I think it’s going to work out better for Trinidad having different events,” Campbell said. “In June we’re going to try to do Americana type music. In July it’s going to be Latin and Hispanic music and then our regular Blues Fest music in August.”

Also at the meeting, Tourism Board President Cy Michaels gave an update including updates to the tourism website, Christy Rogers at TSJC has been keeping it up to date.

The Tourism Board has also been helping to keep doors open for visitors downtown by helping support organizations like the Mitchell Museum if they agree to stay open a certain amount of days each week.

“We’ve funded the Mitchell Museum a certain amount every month,” said Michaels, “and we required them to stay open six days a week to do that and they agreed. It’s been really great for them and for tourists and visitors.”

Michaels stated that they have also done a lot to send soft material about Trinidad, such as web links and hard material via email and mail to tourists interested in the Trinidad community. Michaels explained hard material requires individuals to give their name, address and contact information and many have shown interest.

“There’s been 5,415 people that have wanted hard material about Trinidad,” Michaels said.

Geoff Peterson Executive Director for the Center for Community Innovation in Raton and board member for the Creative District presented awards to individuals who participated in an entrepreneurship boot camp from earlier in the year.

Among those recognized for their entrepreneurial achievements and completion of the training was social media video competition winner Mahasin Thurman owner of So Tasty, and Jackie Brockmeyer owner of Herbal Persuasions.

Rene Martinez with the US Census Beaurea was present to speak about the upcoming 2020 Census including newly featured access to secure, online surveys and job opportunities available to locals via their website.

The second reading of an ordinance authorizing the Master Services Contract dated October 8, 2019, between the Trinidad Police Department and LensLock, Inc., to provide for body cameras, data storage, and professional services was also presented with no one to speak for or against.

Other items covered during the meeting was the approval of Resolution of the City Council of the City of Trinidad prohibiting the use of excessive force by law enforcement within its jurisdiction against any individuals engaged in non-violent civil rights demonstrations, approval of Colorado Interstate Gas Company Amendment to Natural Gas Service Agreement Rate Schedule TF-4, new hotel and restaurant liquor license application filed by Trinidad Smokehouse LLC at 225 West Main Street set for public hearing at 6 p.m. on December 17 and tentative neighborhood boundary as the corporate city limits, approval of bills and approval of payroll for November 2 through November 15, 2019.

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