The Trinidad Kiwanis Club hosted their annual Demolition Derby on Saturday, Oct. 5 with contestants from throughout the state and beyond taking part in the event.

“We had 37 cars in the tournament,” said Kiwanis President Jeff Mangino, “which made a good tournament.”

Competitors in attendance stated they were excited to be at the event. One driver mentioned that 23 years ago when he went to his first derby, Kiwanis was sponsoring it and he was glad to see Trinidad Kiwanis doing it, too.

Additionally, Mangino said he loves seeing so many people travel to Trinidad for the event but he’d like to see more local entries in future events.

“The guys that won were all out of town drivers,” said Mangino. “In time, it’d be fun to have a local heat but we only had a couple of local drivers.”

Along with a high number of competitor entries, the grand stands were also packed with attendees who showed up to watch the spectacle.

“There were about a thousand people that attended,” said Mangino. “It looks like we grossed about $27,000.”

Mangino went on to explain that some of that money will be going to schools and youth organizations that helped out with the derby.

“We’ll donate the parking revenues to the 4H Fair Board,” Mangino said. “They did the parking for us so they’re going to get those proceeds. Then, the GOAL Academy Students sold pop in the stands, and for every pop they sold they’re going to get part of those proceeds. The third one is Grace Christian School who cleaned the grand stands after the performance and we’re going to donate money to them for doing that.”

After expenses and what they gave to other organizations, Kiwanis still came out with a good amount to use for their scholarship programs, Mangino stated.

“When you deduct for the driver’s winnings, the expenses, and donations, we’ll still net $12-15 thousand on it,” said Mangino. “Then we use those monies for scholarships we award at our banquet in May. One is the Phyllis Moniot Memorial Scholarship, which is a community service scholarship. The second one is the George Leone Academic Scholarship. Then the third one is Paul Cordova Public Speaking Scholarship.”

Mangino said the Demolition Derby is their biggest fundraising event supporting their efforts to provide scholarships to local youth.

“We are here for the youth of our community,” Mangino said in conclusion. “If anybody has any projects that will benefit youth of our community, Kiwani’s would be glad to assist.”

For more information about the Trinidad Kiwani’s Club call Jeff Mangino at  719-846-2344.

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