Clay modeling

The second annual Make Art Fair is this Saturday at the Trinidad History Museum at 300 E. Main Street in historic downtown Trinidad. The free event will run from 9 a.m. to Noon and from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

n Back by popular demand

Three popular media from last year’s Make Art Fair are going to be available again.  Bobbi Mosconi and Jenny Long will teach the art of batik cloth dyeing.

Another activity popular last year and available again is mandala rock painting. Joyce Miller is going to teach the techniques of painting mandala rocks. Mandala rocks are meditative to make and to look at. Yes, rocks will be provided.

In addition to these art options, John Raggio will be back teaching clay modeling.

n New this year

Three new media are provided at this year’s Make Art Fair. Jody Alford is going to offer instruction in the exciting, new technique of alcohol-ink painting. This technique uses inks dissolved in alcohol on a non-porous surface to create beautiful abstract art works.  

A new, young artist in Trinidad, one of last year’s Creative in Residences at the History Museum, Leigh Elliott, will offer instruction in “pour art,” which involves pouring acrylic paints and mixing them to create exciting abstracts.

Rich Alford will offer instruction in the ancient art of Islamic design making. Using only a compass, a ruler, pens, pencils and paper, you can learn to create complex, intricate designs. These designs then can be painted, colored in on a computer, or used to make stained glass designs.    

Everything you make is yours to keep. All supplies are provided.

For information call Rich Alford at 580-665-9084.

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