TCC Singers

Starting Monday, September 9 at 6:30 p.m. in the TSJC music room on the corner of Pine and State Street, the Trinidad Community Chorale will begin rehearsals for their 2019 holiday concert titled “Holiday Swing” featuring upbeat, popular holiday tunes. Membership is open to everyone in the community and the seasonal membership fee is $25.

The chorale, which I have enjoyed directing for the last several years, has seen growing numbers during their fall season. This is attributed to the popularity, uniqueness and excitement of the music that is chosen for the concerts.

“As the city begins focusing more on local arts efforts as a listed “Colorado Arts District”, quality, live music, in which the community is encouraged to participate, is important for building a culture supportive of performing arts,” said Trinidad Music Association (TMA) President Sharon Sorenson.

Sorenson feels there is a heightened feeling of support for performing arts that exist to serve the community.

“Everywhere I go, I run into someone who comments on how much they love our concerts,” Sorenson said. “People ask me all the time when we’re going to start singing again or when our next concert is. It makes me feel good about what we do for the community. Our audience always gives us great feedback and enjoys our performances. Even though our community chorale concerts are free to the public, we’ve always been able to bring in enough donations to keep putting them on.”

“Fun-raising” efforts, as TMA Treasurer Naomi Segers calls them, have also been beneficial to the organization’s growth.

“We’ve held two community karaoke events in the last year that each brought in almost $1,000 each for our association,” Segers said. “That helps us to buy more new music, offer more scholarships for anyone who may need some help covering membership and uniform costs, and purchase more equipment to make our concerts a little better each season.”

This season, the chorale will utilize local guitarists, horn players, and drummers to add a “big band” feel to the concert.

“We also plan to have another Lessons and Carols at Holy Trinity Catholic Church,” said Sorensen. “That concert is performed by the Trinidad Chamber Singers, our only audition group, and it always sets a beautiful tone for the Christmas season.”

To stay informed of when their concerts are, or to get involved with the chorale, find and follow them on Facebook, email them at or come to their first rehearsal to see how you can become a part of the local music scene.

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