13 Souls

A few years back, a feature film was shot right here in Trinidad. Many locals participated in the horror film Diggerz, Black Lung Rises. After what seems like an eternity, the film is seeing the light of day.

Earlier this year, Diggerz, now titled “13 Souls,” was released in Korea and Germany. In Germany, the movie is called Hellbound: 13 Verdammte Seelen. The distribution company, ITN Distribution, stated that they usually do North America first, but they went over seas and managed to land those two deals right away.

As of July 1, 13 Souls finally was released states side. The film is now available at Amazon Prime Movies, VUDU, Fandango Now, YouTube Movies, Google Play, Walmart Online, Target Online, Family Video Stores and is currently waiting to be available on RedBox.

Writer/Directors David Craig, Kirk Loudon, and Producer Julie Loudon were surprised at all the different DVD/BluRay covers. They seem to change for every market. Currently, there are five different looks for the movie art. The changes are understandable considering the titles do not always translate the same from language to language.

The award winning film was completed in 2017 and did the festival circuit for about six months. Once the festivals were over, the film was then shopped for distribution. ITN jumped quickly and picked up the film in a matter of days.

“Having a good distribution company is really key to getting your film seen,” said Loudon. “So many films get made and never see the light of day for one reason or another. When ITN presented the deal we were quite pleased. Most distributors make the filmmaker pay for the up front marketing and that amount can be as much as $75,000. That would be paid before the filmmakers see any profits. Then the distributor takes an additional 25-40 percent of the remaining profits. ITN gave us a great deal with no marketing costs and a fair split. We couldn’t be more pleased with the deal.”

13 Souls is described by the producers as an American horror story. Black Lung, an evil creature created from the souls of coal miners killed in a mining massacre, takes murderous revenge on a small town every 50 years. His mission is to “Collect 13 souls to pay the debt.” Raven, a PhD candidate, researching coal-mining history, is mysteriously drawn to the site of the massacre — she feels connected somehow.

As murders start taking place, Raven is pulled deeper into this dark tale of revenge. She enlists the help of Hagerdy, a cranky, ex-coal miner who wrestles with the demons of his own mining tragedy. In an attempt to put an end to Black Lung’s killing spree and to the monster himself, Raven and Hagerdy join forces with the town’s sheriff, who is reluctant to believe in the curse.

Currently, on the movie website IMDb, the film as an average rating of 5.6 out-of 10 stars.

— Kirk and Julie Loudon are two, of four, owners of The Chronicle-News

Movie shot in Trinidad celebrates world-wide release as 13 Souls

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