In the age of the selfie, the art of photography is often overlooked. The students participating in Primero’s newly-formed Snap Photography Club are looking to turn this trend around, learning and practicing the fundamentals of journalistic and artistic photography.

The Snap Photography Club is the brainchild of middle school students Averi Scheels and Alyssa Morales, and is sponsored by staff resident photographers Lisa Morelos and Decker Gonsalves. ”Photography was something many secondary students wanted to learn more about, and so they came up with the idea of starting the Primero Snap Club so they could learn about photography as an art,” says Morelos.

“Through the 21 Century grant, we were able to fund the program and acquire the materials for students to learn this craft with professional tools. Students will learn about the basics of lighting, framing, and editing digital photographs and the nuances of portrait, sports, and journalistic style photography,” Morelos states.

“We are excited to learn about things like how to take creative pictures from unique angles, as well as how to edit photography well,” says Sheels. “A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.

A select group of Snap students will also have the opportunity to compete in photography with the Primero Skills USA team in the spring. Additionally, the photography club will host a spring art show to showcase their best work. “Students are excited to have an opportunity to have a club to learn more about their specific interests, and one that could eventually lead other artistic media clubs like film/tv production and animation,” Morelos says.  

Primero Principal Blake Byall is excited to add photography to the programs offered by the school district to students. “The concept of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum in education has been around for a few decades now,” Byall says. “More recently, the incorporation of Art, as a field of study, has created the acronym STEAM, which implies the addition of myriad art instruction helps round out students to become more complete learners.”

“Primero School is fortunate in that we have a great art program that is willing to lend itself to the efforts of helping the concept of STEAM become a reality for our student body. You might say the fusion of photography as an artistic medium helps form a bigger picture for our school and community. Everyone these days has a camera. We want to encourage our kids to start looking at the world through a different lens.”

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