Fred and Harriet

Over the past 20 years, Fred and Harriet Vaugeois have spent countless hours and a great amount of energy creating a welcoming atmosphere where theater artists can gather to perform and celebrate the beauty of the arts in the community through the Southern Colorado Repertory Theatre in Trinidad. They leave a legacy of dedicated service to the theater work they so generously helped create.

After almost two decades producing both professional and community theater in Southern Colorado, Fred and Harriet Vaugeois are stepping down from their management positions at the Southern Colorado Repertory Theatre (SCRT).

In the letter sent to the SCRT Board of Directors, the Vaugeoises informed the board of their desire to retire from their leadership roles at the theatre. As the board makes plans for management and some operational changes, shows and events will continue as scheduled.

Through the years of Vaugeois leadership, SCRT created and continued to provide a platform where local amateur actors and technicians had a place to learn and grow and entertain the community. The Trinidad Community Theatre (TCT) has reached a point where they are ready to assume a strong leadership role in the SCRT organization.    

As the SCRT moves forward in 2020, we are pleased about our newly filled Executive Director position and will share more details very soon.

The SCRT Board of Directors recently approved a sustainable 2020 budget based on realistic revenue from the community. The new budget ensures continued community involvement in TCT productions, performance attendance by junior high school students, and enhanced collaboration with Trinidad State Junior College (TSJC).

Since ticket sales never provide total financial support for performing arts in any market, SCRT will continue to work together with local patrons, sponsors and philanthropic organizations to help fund performing arts in Trinidad.

For more information contact SCRT at 719-846-4765 or visit

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