Just as it has brought forth in each of its 18 years of life, this June’s Trinidad Area Local Artists’ Show has produced nearly 100 pieces of art of the same high quality that one might encounter in big city galleries.  

But, unlike art shows in large urban areas, TALAS always exhibits the spirit of its own uniquely Southwest flavor. After all, the TALAS Show was born on and continues to abide on the Old Santa Fe Trail.

This annual regional art exhibition is always held at the Corazon Gallery on Trinidad’s Main Street. Main Street, however, is only its modern name. This street is the same Santa Fe Trail where covered wagons once lumbered along the rutted road en route to Santa Fe, and outlaws sprinted down the dusty track, lawmen galloping fast behind.

No longer do cowboys and outlaws define Trinidad. Neat brick streets and the elegant Victorian architecture lining them have supplanted the once Wild West town that boasted Bat Masterson as its Marshall and where Billy the Kid hung around looking for trouble.

Over the years, the kinds of artists who have been attracted to this area, making Trinidad known far and wide as an “arts” town, maintain a love for the land that permeates their work.  It is this love of the mountains, creeks prairies and wildlife of the southeast corner of Colorado and northeast corner of New Mexico that permeate the art they create, making the annual TALAS Show unique to the Southwest. These artists’ work is not about the grandeur and vistas of canyon lands and National Parks; but rather this art demonstrates affection for the artists’ intimate surroundings and their relationships with their personal local landscape.

The TALAS Show opened June 7 and will be on display during the entire month of June.  Prizes and ribbons were awarded by Judge Ily Reiling, art teacher at Trinidad State Junior College in three categories: the entire show, two dimensional art and three dimensional art.


— Best of Show:

Danni McCarville, “Security Blanket,” Mosaic portrait

— SeconBest of Show:

Michael Musselwhite, “Garden Gate,” Metal Gate

— Third Best of Show:

Lora Nava, “Awakening,” Clay Sculpture

2-dimensional Art:

— First Place:

Rich Alford, “Coming Into Pueblo.” Acrylic

— Second Place:

Kevin Grunewald, “Foothills, Flagstone and Juniper,” Oil on Canvas

— Third Place:

Shannon Engle, “You Are the Window to my Soul,” Acrylic

3-dimensional Art:

— First Place:

Trish Keck, “The Watcher,” Clay Totem

— Second Place:

Rich Colombo, “Invader,” Wood and Metal Figure

— Third Place:

Becki Woo, “Fire on the Mountain” Ammonite Pendant Necklace

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