Clown William

A Texas writer featured the City of Trinidad in a Western novel titled “Clown William.”

The novel, written by Robin Elno, follows William, a gunfighter with Tourette syndrome.

William lands in Trinidad, Colorado, in 1878, hoping to find a job as a clerk or stable hand. But his reputation has preceded him, as people have heard of a man with his strange description. Again and again, he’s goaded into fights and defends himself, killing in self-defense and being run out of town.

In Trinidad, after yet another incident, William is told, “There’s one too many railroads in this town.” A man offers him a hundred dollars a month to help force out the Denver and Rio Grande workers, saying that the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe has the right-of-way. William isn’t interested in terrorizing railroad workers, but no one else will hire him.

A refined young lady staying at his hotel wants to travel to her brother in New Mexico, but she needs an escort and the pair leaves Trinidad.

A second book, “Clown William and the Lincoln County War, in what is advertised as a three book series follows William from Trinidad into New Mexico.

According to the book’s publisher, Ingram Elliott, Robin Elno is a pseudonym; the author who is a retired Army Colonel, semi-retired psychiatrist and full-time author. He lives in San Antonio, Texas, and is an active member of the San Antonio Writers’ Guild.

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