Silvio Caputo, a Trinidad native, recently released a novel titled “The Death of Spring,” which tells the story of an “Italian immigrant who searched for the American dream only to find the harsh realities of life in the coal camps.”

The book is described by publishers as “a literary piece that unveils the truth about the war between the United Mine Workers of America and the Rockefeller-owned Colorado Fuel and Iron. This war reaches from the mines where explosions and collapsing timbers are common and into the camps where squalid conditions cause women and children to die of typhoid fever.”

Caputo was born and raised in Trinidad and received his B.A. degree from Adams State College where he graduated Cum Laude in 1973 with majors in History and Political Science. He received his M.A. degree in English in 1976. He has taught literature and writing on the high school and university levels since 1974. He received the Distinguished Teachers award from the state of Colorado in 2002.

Caputo has published both fiction and non-fiction articles on the Ludlow Massacre and labor relations of the last century, giving lectures to various clubs and organizations throughout the state.

Said a review of the book, “The world of coal mining is one that history often neglects until another case of miners trapped in dark recesses of the earth break into the news. It is a realization that is waiting to be recognized. The Death of Spring by Silvio J. Caputo is a well-researched book. It is a relatable story about dreams and goals. This book leaves an important lesson about the price that was paid by those who industrialized the world.”

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