On Monday, October 7, The Heritage School at Trinidad State Junior College brought in renowned hat maker Tom Hirt to lead another well-attended hat making class with students from around the nation.

“It was surprising to me that people came from as far as San Antonio, Texas and even Florida to take this class,” said Hirt. “We had to finish it up a little quicker than usual so they could make their flights before the weather got bad, but everyone finished their hats and they looked great.”

Hirt went on to say he was proud of the student’s work and shared how it kept him as an artisan inspired to continue sharing his passion.

“It was a great class,” Hirt said, “and the students that attended were really receptive to the information. When you do something you do as work and somebody tells you, hey I think you did great, it motivates you to want to keep on doing whatever it is you do. This class is kind of like that. Having so many people interested motivates me to do more.”

That being said, Donna Haddow, who handles the scheduling and outreach for TSJC’s Heritage School told Hirt they are already working towards planning another hat making class for next spring.

“I really enjoy working with TSJC and Donna Haddow has done a great job organizing these classes,” Hirt noted.

In an effort to merge the trade and art of crafting felt hats, Hirt said they are looking to possibly bring the class to Main Street, and the A.R. Mitchel Museum seemed like the perfect place.

“We’re shooting to be able to do the next class at the A.R. Mitchell Museum to showcase hat making as an art and be able to include other groups in with what we’re doing,” Hirt said. “I think that will be great, and Mitchell himself has quite a few of his hats on display there at the museum. It’s important to me to keep this art alive and share the process with as many folks as I can.”

For more information about the spring class, contact Donna Haddow at 719-846-5724 and visit their Facebook page The Heritage School at Trinidad State.

Popular with participants, another class is being planned for next spring

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