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Youth Club members Vincent Farmer (left) and Jordan Silvas (right) having a great time with their dad, Jason Silvas (center).

This past Saturday, Dec. 1, the Youth Club of Trinidad (TYC) celebrated their second annual Grinch Festival at the club to provide holiday entertainment for local kids and raise funds for TYC.

The festival featured several games based off of the Dr. Seuss’ book, ‘who-hair’ stylists, and photos with the Grinch. Ending the event was a candy cane hunt at the park.    

Executive Director Sadie Brown and Program Coordinator Jamie Maez organized the event after a successful first year last year.    

“I wanted to do it again because everyone had a lot of fun last year,” Brown said. “And I want to keep it going year after year because of how much the kids and parents enjoy it. I started the Grinch Festival because it was something different and I like unique events.”    

Maez agreed that parents and kids alike enjoyed the event. “One of the dads got his ‘who-hair’ done,” said Maez. “It looked ‘who-tastic’ and made his kids smile, which made me happy. I got my ‘who-hair’ done, too!”    

Several members of the Youth Club helped run games and took turns dressing up as the Grinch and making their best Grinch face for photos with visitors.    

“I enjoy working at TYC and doing these events because of all the great kids,” remarked Maez. “They really all fill my heart with love every day.”    

The morning and early afternoon were packed with games, prizes and fun to keep everyone entertained and create holiday memories.    

“What really stuck out to me,” shared Brown, “was when kids came to show me their ‘who-hair’ or Grinch painted faces with big smiles.”    

Overall, both Brown and Maez were pleased with the turnout and community support.    

“I feel the festival was well attended and went really well,” said Maez. “You could tell everyone was having a lot of fun.”    

As the festival gains more interest, Brown hopes to see more partnerships formed with others in the community to make it even more of a holiday ‘who-bilation.’ “I would like to have more games and see more collaboration with other organizations for future Grinch Festivals,” she said. “It was a pleasure to have the library participating again this year.”    

If you missed the Grinch Festival, Brown mentioned more activities are coming at TYC.    

“We’ll have the Snowflake Ball again in January,” said Brown, “but haven’t set a date for it yet. We had a great turn-out and everyone had a wonderful time last year.”    

For more information on TYC and to be informed of future events the organization can be followed on Facebook, or email Sadie Brown at

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