Details for Vacancy - Las Animas

Vacancy - Las Animas
County Department of
Human Services
Administration –
Responsible for the
administration, monitoring,
supervision, and
performance of the county
Department of Human
Services programs, as
mandated by federal and
state laws and regulations
and by county directives.
Oversees the daily
operations of the
Department of Human
Services. Plans, makes
decisions, and takes
appropriate action on
issues as they arise, both
internally and externally.
Manages fiscal, human,
and other resources to
effectively provide
mandated services to the
public. Master's degree
preferred; bachelor's
degree required in the field
of sociology, education,
public or business
or closely related field.
Combinations of
experience and education
may be accepted.
Minimum of five (5) years
responsible managerial
experience in the provision
of human service
programs. Knowledge of
organizational structure,
program development, and
functions of federal, state,
and local human service
programs, including
budget and finance, with
particular reference to their
implications at the county
level. Salary DOE. Must
pass a criminal
background check and
drug screen.
For further detailed
information on this job
vacancy, please contact
the Colorado Workforce
Center. If interested,
please submit a resume
along with three letters of
recommendation to the
Colorado Workforce
Center, 140 North
Commercial, Trinidad,
Colorado, 81082. Phone
(719) 846-9221 or fax
(719) 846-7594.

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