SCLA President Martin Canterbury presents the Cattlewoman of the Year award to Joanne Goodrich and daughters (L-R), Lynda Goodrich, Denise Goodrich, Lea McAvoy and Dianne Clark. The annual event was held on Saturday, Jan. 16 at the Mustang Pavilion in Kim, Colorado.

Following delays, replanning and relocation the Southern Colorado Livestock Association Banquet and Ball took place on Saturday, Jan.16, at the Mustang Pavilion in Kim, Colorado.

“Although several challenges were encountered in 2020 causing a delay and a move, the banquet and ball were hailed a success with over $8000 raised,” said SCLA Secretary Julie Sumpter.

Annually the profits from the Stockman’s Ball are donated to local organization. This year the funds were split between the Kimmi Lewis Scholarship Fund, the SCLA Crisis Fund, R-CALF USA and the Pritchett, Kim and Branson Volunteer Fire Departments.

Among the festivities was the annual award for the Cattleman of the Year. Taking a little different twist this year, Joanne Goodrich of eastern Las Animas County was awarded Cattlewoman of the Year.

A graduate of Kim High School, Goodrich resides east of Andrix, Colorado, where she raised cattle and began harvesting with her husband in 1958.

In addition to working on the ranch and raising a family, Goodrich served three years as President of the Kim School Community Association, 30 years as the Kim Alumni Association secretary and is a member of the Southern Colorado Livestock Association.

Also honored at the Stockman’s ball was Top Hand of the Year, Julie Sumpter.

Raised on the Muddy Valley Ranch, north of Kim, Colorado, Sumpter has over 30 years in education working as a math and science teacher, school and district administrator across Colorado.

Beginning in 2017, Sumpter took up a new role as a legislative aide to her sister Representative Kimmi Lewis until Lewis’s death in 2019.

Sumpter, is now the Secretary for Southern Colorado Livestock Association, board member of Colorado Women involved in Farm Economics and Secretary Treasurer for the Colorado Land, Water & Fook Alliance.

Mack Louden, a rancher from Branson, was also recognized at the Stockman’s Ball for his time devoted to Southern Colorado Livestock Association as President for two years.

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