On Saturday, Feb. 29, Art Cartopia Museum hosted their first ever Trash ’n’ Fashion Show, a fundraiser the museum described as a “trash-inspired fashion show with an exceptionally wacky twist.” The show, like many ArtoCade and Art Cartopia events, was a hit, selling out seats and drawing in plenty of Trinidad locals as well as visitors from out of state. Rodney Wood, who helped organize the event, said a second Trash ’n’  Fashion show was “inevitable” after the success of the first.

The show cost $5 for anyone who wished to enter or attend. Fashion show participants were asked to create a piece of clothing or entire outfit out of any recycled materials to model down the runway. Wood said 35 people entered, mostly locals, however there were a few participants from out of town. Wood said a mother and daughter from Oklahoma had seen posters for the event, drove to Trinidad on Thursday, created their outfits after visiting the local thrift stores, and competed on Saturday night.

“We’re always trying to come up with something out of the ordinary for fundraisers,” Wood said. “I happened to be involved in a recycled fashion show over 20 years ago, and I thought it was something that would do well here.”

According to Wood, he expected to raise around $500 from the event. The show, which packed the Art Cartopia museum, easily doubled that.

“For our first year, it was crazy,” Wood said. “[Trash n’ Fashion Show was] just way more creative than we could have imagined.”

And creative it was, as participants showcased their homemade pieces made out of everything from old cereal boxes and tin cans to tires and film strips. The 35 makers and models competed for several trophies, which were also made from upcycled materials, and the title of “Best of Show”. Future Generations Recycling also sponsored a few awards, offering the winners free recycling pickup.

“That’s our goal: to inspire people to go out and be creative and have fun,” Wood said.

The following participants were awarded in each category for their creative efforts:

For “The Cat’s Meow” (Best of Show/Best Recyler), Kristine Munson won with her entry “Dutchess of the Dumpster.”

For “You’re Da Bomb” (Most Attractive Recycling Couple), Pat and Carol Patrick won with their entries “Technical Spectacle” and “Yesterday’s News.”

For “Talkin’ the Talk and Walkin’ the Walk” (Most Committed or Most Likely to be Committed), Donna Mantich won with her entry “Titular Film Star.”

For “Eye-Catcher” (Best Execution/Craftsmanship), Kristi Rogers won for her entry “Marx Minx.”

For “Yeah Baby” (Most Enlightened and Wonderously Creative), Sunny Pierre won with the entry “The Ghost of Christmas Trash.”

For “Dark Vision” (Recycler from the ‘Dark Side’), Merrisa Clark-Kloss won with her entry “Trashy Wind-Up Doll.”

While Art Cartopia hopes to see another Trash n’ Fashion Show next year, their next big event on the calendar is the ArtoCade Bowl on Saturday, April 4 at Trinidad Lanes. More information to come on their website, artcartopia.com.

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