Trinidad Walmart recently acknowledged 12 employees who are part of the 2020 high school graduating class last Friday, May 29. This year, seeing how the Senior Class of 2020 didn’t get much pomp and circumstance, Walmart centers across America decided to do something special for their employees to commemorate their accomplishment.

Lindsey Chavez, Audrey Valdez, Andrew Santistevan, Justin Romero, Karianna Mason, Lauren Hallmark, Anastasia Gandarilla who attend Trinidad High School, along with Kirsten Martinez from Primero High School, Nic Navarette from Hoehne High School, and Kyle Rael-Garcia and Adrian pike from Goal Academy were recognized during a ceremony held within the store.

Walmart staff, families, and onlookers paused when the ceremony began and clapped as each graduate made their way down an aisle banked one either side with swimwear and polo shirts. At the end of the aisle, each graduate was presented with a special certificate and once the ceremony was finished, a table adorned with cupcakes provided some refreshment as graduates and their families along with other staff members reminisced at a distance on the wild ride 2020 has been thus far.

“We wanted to do something to recognize them since they didn’t get a real graduation this year,” said Walmart Store Manager Hilary Lamb. “We’re trying to bring our own contribution to make it a little better for them.”

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