Trinidad volunteers

Trinidad volunteers with gifts ready for delivery to South Central Council of Governments Meals-on-Wheels recipients, are in front (L-R): Jackielynn Vallejos, Aubrey and Sophia Gallegos. Back row (L-R): Chris Egland, Jamielynn Vallejos, Jessielynn Vallejos, Selina Vallejos, Natalie Bowman, Corey Gonzales, and Lana Coffman.

The First National Bank in Trinidad was able to provide 243 gifts to senior citizens this Christmas with the help of several community organization and many generous people within the community.  

“We mailed out 350 letters to senior citizens asking them to write a letter to Santa with a gift request.  The bank received 243 letters back, and all were hung on Santa’s Gift Tree in the main bank lobby, motor bank and at the Wal-Mart Branch for ‘givers’ to pick from.  Within three weeks all of the gifts were returned, wrapped and ready for delivery,” said Chris Egland, First National Bank vice president and organizer of the program.  

Givers were encouraged to shop at home for their gifts, and with proof of purchase at a Trinidad business, they were rewarded by The First National Bank with a $10 gift certificate to a Trinidad business.   

Many letters to Santa expressed appreciation for being remembered.  

With the rush of the holidays, and gift giving primarily focused on children, often our senior citizens are forgotten.  

For shut-ins, or seniors with little or no family nearby, the holidays can be an especially lonely time of year.  The letters received made it clear just how much this program means to seniors.  

Requests included asking for help with a utility bill, food, clothing or other personal items.

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