Fourth of July fireworks

The City of Trinidad is planning a Fourth of July fireworks display from Central Park this Saturday, July 4 at dusk. 

The City of Trinidad is planning to go ahead with what has become an annual Fourth of July fireworks display from Central Park this Saturday, July 4 at dusk.

While the fireworks should go on, weather permitting, unfortunately the normally accompanying Independence Day festival generally centered on the local Trinidad Triggers baseball team has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Yet Trinidad city leadership feels providing a fireworks display is a necessary diversion considering the national and international state of affairs as we celebrate our country’s independence.

“This will be our fourth year of fireworks from Central Park,” said Trinidad Historic Main Street Board Chair Penny Saeedi. In past years, Saeedi’s Main Street Board and Hometown Holidays had hosted the Independence Day festival with the Triggers.

Said Saeedi, “It has been a great success and was started by the Main Street board as a way to keep people in town over the holiday. Before people would just leave town and we wanted them to stay, so we asked for the fireworks and the city said ‘yes,’ and has been funding it. This year I guess we’re still trying to keep people home, but for different reasons. We asked if we could have the fireworks even without a festival and I think city leadership felt strongly that we needed to do something and are happy to do this for the public. It’s an expensive undertaking, but people have come to look forward to this every year.”

Organizers recommend that citizens watch the display from their homes and believe the location of Central Park provides great visibility for residents to enjoy the show.

Meanwhile, all of Central Park will be closed for the fireworks fallout boundary. No public venues, or events are scheduled. The park will reopen on July 5.

Saeedi cautioned that the display is still weather permitting, but thought recent rains in Trinidad should counter the worry over dry condition. Still excessive wind, rain, or worsening drought conditions could threaten the event.

“I think we have to give a big thank you to the city for providing this for us. Yes, it’s expensive and is over in half-an-hour, but it makes us feel patriotic and we have a need for good feelings not; something to look forward to.”

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