Keegan Meyers

Keegan Meyers, the owner of Veterans Optometry Partners of America, comes to Trinidad twice a month to provide glasses for Colorado veterans. Veterans can choose frames from a kit determined by Veteran Affairs due to a change in the VA program.

Veterans Optometry Partners of America, a Colorado Springs eye company, wants veterans to know that their veteran benefits entitle them to a free pair of eyeglasses every 12 months and VOPA can help.

Keegan Meyer, the owner of VOPA, makes the drive to Fort Wooton Veterans Council here in Trinidad the first and last Wednesday of each month to offer this free service.

“I want to make sure they get a free pair of glasses,” said Meyers.

His company just started its program to come to veterans here locally. The first day he saw about 10 veterans, but during his March 31 visit he only had one veteran show up by early afternoon.

Currently VOPA does not offer eye exams at the monthly event, but Meyers is actively looking for an optometrist here to help fill that gap in service.

Veterans can receive an eye exam covered by the VA once a year at Rocky Mountain Eye Center on Freedom Road, and then bring that prescription to Meyer’s for a free pair of glasses.

VOPA will be offering the program between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. the first and last Wednesday of each month. Veterans can call Meyers at 719-596-2020, or 719-232-2899 for more information.

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