The Las Animas County grant program for businesses and nonprofits in the county impacted by COVID-19 has distributed $620,000.

The grant program was implemented to provide approximately $500,000 in financial assistance to businesses and $120,000 for nonprofits.

A grant committee recommended that 101 businesses should receive an average of $4,613.86 each and 29 nonprofits should receive slightly more than $5,310.34 each.

Funds came via the passage of ballot measure 1A last November that allowed the county to keep and spend revenues that exceeded 2017 estimates.

Said County Administrator Phil Dorenkamp, “The county is honored for the support and trust with the passage of 1A, keeping the commitment to award funds to local businesses and non-profits, the county is hopeful that these funds will help sustain the local economy as we progress into opening and increasing capacity. Grant funds will assist those businesses and non-profits with their COVID impacted fiscal struggles.”

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