Corazón de Trinidad Creative District

The Corazón de Trinidad Creative District is inviting southern Colorado and northern New Mexico artists to submit work for a multimedia project called “Survival is Insufficient.”

Said the creative district, “Participants will share how they have continued to be creative during the pandemic. Featured works will include pieces that are thematically connected to artists’ experiences and insights related to the pandemic, as well as other works completed as they have carried on with their lives.”  

The project is seeking out creatives and original work in all media including, but not limited to, crafts, music, writing, performance arts, quilting, dance, painting, happenings, printmaking, or other mediums.

The work the district will collect will be displayed via the district’s webpage.

For more information, or to view the work go to, or to the creative district Facebook page at

For questions contact Doug Holdread at or 719-680-3900.

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