Eckhart first grade teacher Dina Stanley waits to hand out special goodies to students on the last day of this school year, Thursday, May 21.

The last day of school is always a highly anticipated day. Students get to tell their current teachers thank you and goodbye. They are excited to see if they have been promoted to the next grade and they are curious about who their teachers for the next year will be. Friends are making plans for summer get togethers at the pool, ballpark, skate park, or hanging out at home. The long, lazy, wonderful days of summer are here.

This year is different. There were no formal end of year celebrations and, most importantly, no hugs — just social distancing. Circumstances are new and different, but the feelings between students and teachers remain the same.

In-person school would have been so much easier, but parents, students, and teachers learned how resourceful they could be when faced with situations that were out of their control; and a renewed appreciation for one another emerged. There is hope that things will return to a new normal, but if not, the Mighty Miners will persevere.

TSD1 students’ last day of school was May 21, 2020. The last day for students at Eckhart Elementary School included dropping off any completed work for the final time and students and parents were able to drive by Eckhart to say goodbye to their teachers. Each student also received a special goodie bag. One year is ending but plans for the next year are already being finalized. Enjoy the summer, stay well, and your teachers will be ready to welcome you back in the fall.

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