On Monday, Nov. 9, 36 Evergreen Natural Resources employees stepped up to give blood, with machines brought in and set up at their facilities, after learning of shortages in the healthcare industry.

“Somebody had reached out to us saying that with COVID-19 and other issues there was a shortage of blood and we wanted to help out,” said Evergreen Public Relations Director Jim Montoya.

Montoya also expressed that the occasion was facilitated by the “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” program Pioneer started to give back to the community. While in months passed, teams of Evergreen employees worked together to put roofs on people’s homes who were in need, with COVID-19, Montoya said they still are trying to find ways to help, albeit socially distanced.

“We’re going to try to get some turkeys and give out to people in need,” said Montoya. “We keep looking for things to do to give back and it’s an ongoing process..

With gas prices being so low over the past few months, Montoya said their budget may be low, but that’s not stopping them from lending a hand.

“It’s not just about the financial spending, it’s anything we can do to help,” said Montoya. “The Evergreen President Mark Sexton and CFO Mike Joy really want to give what they can back to the community. It starts with them at the top and that sentiment trickles down to all the rest of us.”

With an ongoing shortage, Montoya said they would most likely be hosting more blood drives in coming months.

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