Although the future of local schools opening for the fall semester due to COVID-19 has yet to be determined, First National Bank in Trinidad is resolved to continue its efforts to support the youth in the community by holding its 20th annual “School Supply Drive.”   

Whether funds are used to assist students with needs at home or in school, the Bank is committed to providing resources for children in the area.  Many students start school without the necessary supplies to participate in class.  There are twelve schools in Las Animas County that will receive donated supplies and the need this year is greater than ever.  

Each year the school supply drive has been a great success.  “Many students start school without the necessary supplies to participate in class, and with the possibility of remote learning this fall, some students will need help with Internet connectivity.  This program is an excellent opportunity to help,” says event organizer and Bank Vice President, Chris Egland.  

Due to COVID-19 the Bank is asking for cash donations in lieu of school supplies.  Donations need to be mailed or dropped off no later than Friday, July 31st at The First National Bank in Trinidad, 100 East Main Street in Trinidad, at the motor bank on First Street, or at the Wal-Mart Branch.  First National will match the first $1,000 in donations.  School supplies and/or hot spots will be distributed to area schools based upon enrollment numbers, and teachers will be able to get the supplies to the students as needed.

“Unfortunately, we cannot provide all our young people with idyllic childhoods, but we can provide them with the minimum requirements they need to grow up into self-supporting and contributing adult members of society.  First National strives throughout the year to support the youth in our area.” Egland added, “We hope our efforts will bring an added awareness of the responsibility we have within the community, and that others will join with us to make a difference in the lives of the children who are our future.”


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