This month, the National Scenic Byway Foundation announced their 2020 Byway Organization Awards and The Scenic Highway of Legends was awarded an Honorable Mention in the category for Marketing and Communications.

According to Trinidad Tourism Manager and Event Coordinator Marty Hackett, the award recognizes the best use of technology such as websites, apps, innovation, news features, byway newsletters, “and in this particular case, the use of the TravelStorys mobile app that the Huerfano County Tourism Board agreed to purchase.”

Hackett stated purchasing TravelStorys, thanks to the Huerfano County Tourism Board, allowed them to market the local scenic highway as well as other sites throughout the county.

“Travel Storys is a mobile app that enables location-based organizations to create high- quality, mini-podcast-like audio content about local places and travel routes,” said Hackett. “The audio launches automatically, hands-free, as travelers approach sites of interest, without the need for cell service or WiFi and is accompanied by an exhibit of hall of images, videos and weblinks”

By making self-guided tours so easy, being able to take the tour from the comfort of one’s vehicle, Hackett said this encourages people to learn more about the region’s intriguing history and promotes the local economy.

“The Highway of Legends Scenic Byway is a major attraction for Southern Colorado, noted for its scenic beauty, historic character and cultural significance and links many communities within Las animas and Huerfano counties,” said Hackett. “Promotion of the Byway is important for continued growth of local businesses and the tourism industries of the communities.”

To download the app on your mobile device, go to your mobile app store, search for TravelStorys, and click install. Hackett also expressed she was thankful to the Huerfano County Tourism Board and Colorado Tourism Office for making TravelStorys a reality.

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