On Saturday, June 27 several artists from the community gathered at the corner of Animas and Main Street in the former Blue Crate Building in Trinidad to reveal plywood murals featuring iconic Trinidad scenes or themes.

The Historic Main Street Board commissioned the non-permanent murals and Penny Saeedi, who serves on the board, said she hopes they will soon be able to get them put up throughout downtown.

“We decided we’d have the artists do them down on the ground so they didn’t have to be on scaffolding and then attach them after,” said Saeedi. “The architect for the State of Colorado Historical Society told me about special bolts to put in that doesn’t hurt the brick. We may even put some frames up and then over time be able to change them out.”

Saeedi said the board already had funding for more murals but then the city put a moratorium on them to be able to develop policies before allowing them again in the future. This way, the non-permanent fixtures can be removed without any damage to historic downtown structures.

For now, the murals are on display in the windows of Saeedi’s building on the corner of Animas and Main Street.

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