Corazon de Trinidad Historic Main Street has two projects it hopes to unwrap for the public in May 2021.

One project the board has been working on will add more benches to the downtown corridor, as there is a need for more benches, said Penny Saeedi, chair of Corazon de Trinidad Historic Main Street.

 “What our idea was is that we would buy the materials and have the students at schools make the benches,” said Saeedi. “And then COVID-19 happened, so now we don’t have the benches made.”

Historic Main reached out to various schools in the area including Trinidad State Junior College, but with students learning remotely, utilizing the local students proved to not be possible at the time.

There will be 10 benches that span six feet wide with 2- x 4-inch wooden planks attached to historic looking end caps. Artists will paint them “really colorful” colors.

“It just brings excitement to town,” said Saeedi.

The second project is to install an “emergency wayfinding” program to help tourists find local businesses to support and the attractions of the area.

The idea to install a wayfinding program for Trinidad came from the city. This immediate project is considered to be a temporary solution while the permanent wayfinding program receives approval and implementation.

The city has been attempting to put a permanent wayfinding program in place since 2013, but the Colorado Department of Transportation stopped construction when it was found digging was occurring on a state-owned highway.

The emergency program will have multiple aspects to it, including maps for businesses to hand out to tourists, a map on the community posting board at the Main Street/Animas Street parking lot, banners on light posts and two to three banners hanging across Main Street.

The emergency wayfinding project still needs approval and funding by Trinidad City Council. Presentation of the project is tentatively scheduled for Trinidad City Council’s April 20 meeting.

The goal of Historic Main is to make Main Street a more inviting and exciting place to come to. The program is a national program run by the National Main Street Center (NMSC), which strives to revitalize through historic preservation-based initiatives.

“A town’s main street says a lot about the community and bringing to life the history and unique aspects inspire(s) creative energy and pride,” according to information from the City of Trinidad.

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