Evergreen administrators visit Holy Trinity Academy and present a check for $1000 to the school. From left to right, ENR Public Relations Director Jim Montoya, HTA second through fourth grade teacher Angela Holshouser, Facilities and Procurement Supervisor Aaron Wiliamson, Operations Superintendent Dave Baca, and in front holding the check, Avery Holshouser, a first grader at HTA.

On Wednesday, May 13 several administrators from Evergreen Natural Resources (ENR) visited Holy Trinity Academy (HTA) and presented the local private school on Church Street in the old Chronicle-News building with a donation of $1000.

“We wanted to give this donation to help support local education,” said Jim Montoya, Evergreen’s public relations director.

With events, such as fundraisers for organizations like HTA postponed or cancelled due to health risks surrounding the Coronavirus, Andrea Jiminez, a teacher and business manager for the school, said the gift couldn’t have come at a better time.

“We can’t begin to express how thankful we are for Evergreen’s donation,” said Jiminez. “It’s a difficult time right now for everyone, them included, so this really means a lot. We’re short on our general funds with having to cancel our big fundraiser and now also some of our later ones. These things fortunately come at the right time, we just have to keep having faith.”

This only a few weeks following ENR’s announcement that they had had to cut staff by ten percent and make other facility changes because of difficulties arising as a result of the pandemic and low gas and oil prices. These difficulties have not stopped the company from giving back to the community.

Jiminez said that the funds they receive help with offering scholarships to students who may need assistance with tuition and added that just because HTA is a private school, that didn’t mean their school was only for the wealthy.

“Over 50 percent of our kids qualify for free or reduced lunch,” said Jiminez. “We try to keep tuition reasonable so they can come, but we have a lot of kids who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford tuition so donations like the one from Evergreen really helps a lot.”

If you would like more information about HTA, or are interested in giving a donation, their number is 719-846-4522.

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