The La Veta Field Office of the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) said they have extra seedlings available and is encouraging residents to get there trees planted soon.

“We have a number of tree varieties and species, mainly seedlings, available for purchase,” said CSFS Southeast Area Manager Derek Sokoloski. “We are encouraging customers to get them in the ground in the next couple of weeks. I’m also encouraging people to call our office for details, because there’s much more than we can mention here. Just call and we’ll help people out.”

Sokoloski said prices ranged widely depending on the sizes and stock available. Some seedlings are already over three feet tall and some are available for reduced prices.

For all CSFS planting stock, there are no ownership acreage requirements for planting windbreaks, living snow fences, wildlife habitat, erosion control, and reforestation.

The La Veta Field Office also stocks a full line of seedling survival supplies such as slow release fertilizer tablets, rabbit guards, sun shades, weed barrier, drip irrigation and polymer, and can be ordered at the same time as your seedling order.

Sokoloski said his office is motivated by the quickly approaching summer season. “I would recommend to not plant after June 15. By that time it’s warming up and the trees can get stressed. We just want to get what we have out there.”

For more information call 719-742-3588, or write to the Colorado State Forest Service Office, PO Box 81, La Veta, Co. 81055. E-mail addresses are:,, or

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