Gov. Jared Polis’ Meat Out Day proclamation has had a bit of push back from the agricultural community. Las Animas County has taken the high road and has decided to put on their own event on Saturday, March 20.

The group, called The Las Animas County Agricultural Association, is celebrating March 20th as “Agricultural Producers Appreciation Day.” This will be a “Meat In” Celebration.

Restaurants are being asked to participate in the event by offering specials and promoting agricultural products all day long.

The main issue that the ag producers face is that the non ranchers of the area are in general, unaware of all this industry does for our state. Information regarding ag producers is available for the public to review. You just have to look. To give a general idea:

• Agriculture contributes about $47 billion to the Colorado economy annually makes it the state’s second-largest industry in the state, only behind tourism.

• $6.3 billion of that total comes from livestock production.

These are big numbers and the goal of “Agricultural Producers Appreciation Day” is to help educate the general public as to what this industry does for our state and county.

The plan is to have this event on March 20 and later this summer, if the Health Department allows, have a street event  with cooking, booths and bands, to help promote all that the agriculture industry does for the city, county and state.

The hope is that this event will become an annual outing and create more awareness to the general public.

The Las Animas County Agricultural Association is reaching out to all restaurants and produce sellers to join them in their celebration.

Nancy Lackey of Moose’s Social Club and Martini Bar has offered her services. Anyone looking to be a part of the event can email Nancy at She can send you any information needed to join the cause.

The association says that education is key to the success of this event. Letting the community understand the importance of the ag production industry and what it can do from strictly an economic point of view is enormous.

So mark your calendars and join the Las Animas County Agricultural Association in celebrating their “Meat In” event on March 20. Help support the community by dining out that day and take advantage of the specials our local restaurants will have available on this day only. I have my steak knife and bib ready to go for a great meal.

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