Meat In

The Las Animas County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution last Friday, March 12 to recognize the many past and current contributions of Las Animas County’s Cattlemen and other meat producers in response to Governor Polis’ “Meat Out Day” proclamation signed earlier this month.

Las Animas County has always been an agricultural county, even before the coal industry, said Tony Hass, a local meat producer and District No. 3 Las Animas County commissioner.

Gov. Polis signed a proclamation designating Saturday, March 20 as a day to boycott meat products in Colorado.

The Farm Animal Rights Movement has run the “grassroots educational campaign” since 1985 that is dedicated to “removing meat and more from our plates.” The event has been known to reach across the United States and more than 20 countries, according to information from the Farm Animal Rights Movement.

After pushback from Colorado agriculture organizations including the Colorado Livestock Association and Colorado Dairy Farmers, Gov. Polis signed a proclamation designating March 22, 2021 as “Colorado Livestock Proud Day.”

Hass said he thinks the support from the governor is “good” but believes it could have been done in one proclamation instead of singling out meat producers in the state.  

“It was a discrediting of our livelihoods,” said Christine Louden, whose family has been ranching in Las Animas County for four generations about his first proclamation.

She said that there is “pride” to the physical hard work that helps boost Colorado’s economy and helps provides its citizens with food.

She said she would be participating March 20 at the Las Animas County Agricultural Association’s “Meat In” day to help support local agriculture and business.

“It’s a win-win,” she said of the benefits March 20 could offer for local farmers and businesses.

March 20 is a chance for Las Animas County citizens to support “hard hit” businesses who are making a “great” effort to support local agriculture.

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