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UOR Investigations was created by Greg Feinman, a Trinidad resident who served in local law enforcement agencies for 15 years. Team psychic “MaMa” Sue Gutierrez and organization founder Greg Feinman are currently the core of the UOR team, along with Oregon’s Dan Lindholm.

Las Animas County has long been a hotbed for paranormal activity, with reports of cattle mutilations, hauntings, and mysterious lights in the sky dating back in the Trinidad area for decades. Greg Feinman, a longtime resident, is bringing his experience as a retired law enforcement officer to bear as he investigates these phenomena with a team he has assembled, UOR Investigations.

Feinman spent nearly 15 years working as a police officer in Las Animas County, including positions held at the Aguilar Marshal’s office, Las Animas County Sheriff’s office, and the Trinidad Police Department.

His interest in the paranormal was first piqued when he was called to document a cattle mutilation at a local ranch in 1999 as a sheriff’s deputy. “What I witnessed on the scene of this cattle mutilation I could not explain. I saw several similar incidents, between four and six, during my time working law enforcement in the county. This is what captured my interest,” said Feinman.

“In 2016, I had the idea to put a team together to investigate these mutilations properly, drawing on my experience in crime scene investigation as a law enforcement officer. From there, it’s developed into investigating all the different types of paranormal activity in the county,” Feinman said.

“I want to investigate the wide range of paranormal activity that’s going on here, starting with the most prevalent, which are cattle mutilations.”

“I’ve spent the last four years putting this plan into motion,” said Feinman. “Everything I do is about documenting the facts, legitimately, using the same practices I used to investigate as a cop to get to the truth behind paranormal events.”

UOR (Unusual Occurrence Report) Investigations, Feinman’s team, is currently comprised of three members: Feinman, Dan Lindholm, and “MaMa” Sue Gutierrez.

Lindholm, based out of Klamath Falls, Oregon, is well known in the paranormal investigation community as an expert in sasquatch sightings, having documented a number of incidents throughout the west with his organization BIGTRUTH, which can be found on both YouTube and Facebook.

“I knew I also needed a psychic on the team,” said Feinman. “That’s where Sue comes in. She’s been a psychic since she was two, when she had a death experience and saw the other side. Ever since then she’s had psychic abilities, but she tucked them away until she was thirty; the things she saw scared her,” said Feinman. “But she’s been led to work to help spirits cross over, and that’s what she’s focused on before joining our team.”

“She didn’t have experience with Unexplained Bovine Deaths (UPD),” a term Feinman uses to refer to cattle mutilations, “until she joined us. That’s actually what I wanted; I needed to see what she could pick up physically on her own. We’ve been working together for four months now on a UPD investigation in Las Animas County, and she picked up on aspects of the alleged incident that she could not have possibly known without doing her own research. The accuracy of her readings are remarkable,” Feinman said.

“Sue is my eyes and ears. I needed a psychic to make these investigations work, and God made it happen for me.”

Feinman and his team conduct their paranormal investigations using techniques similar to those used by law enforcement. “All the equipment I have, I have developed policy and procedures involving how they will be used. Every investigator has a body camera. We have built redundancy into our operations,” said Feinman. “Everything that I have done, the paperwork, the protocols, it’s about facts and legitimacy. There’s no guessing, no speculation.”

“We investigate a Sasquatch sighting, for instance, like a trespasser call. We go out, get the information, take a report, and collect any evidence that may have been left behind, such as tracks.”

“We’re conducting an Unusual Bovine Death investigation, dubbed ‘The Sixth Kind: Off the Thirty-seventh,’ on a local ranch right now,” Feinman said. “We’re using our work there to model how we will investigate at other locations in the county. We’re working with several local ranchers on this project.”

“With UBD, we are developing a predictive method to identify potential cows that may be future targets,” said Feinman. “I have a theory: the cattle in the area are being watched. We will be conducting on-scene autopsies, taking tissue samples for testing to the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. We’ve established a chain of custody on all evidence recovered, just like we do in law enforcement, with the evidence under twenty-four hour surveillance until it is tested.”

“I am more interested in proving that the cattle are being watched, so I can determine what ‘they’ are doing to the cattle prior to killing them. Through my psychic ‘MaMa Sue,’ we are well aware of who is behind the UBD’s. Through this investigation, I will prove it,” Feinman said.

“We’ve hand-picked multiple investigations in the county that we plan on diving into, once we are finished with our current project,” Feinman said. “We’re planning to investigate local landmarks such as the Hastings mine and the Fox Theater, for example. We are documenting all our work via video, audio, you name it, we’ve got it. We’re keeping reams of documentation.”

“Ultimately, we want to use our work as the basis for a film documentary of the wide range of paranormal events that occur in Las Animas County,” said Feinman.

“This is the biggest thing I have been involved in since I’ve been a cop,” Feinman said. “And we don’t just want to investigate these occurrences. We aim to solve the mysteries behind them.”

For more information, contact UOR Investigation at unusualreport911@gmail.com.

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