Comedian Jay Gillespie holds

Comedian Jay Gillespie holds a Domino’s pizza he received from a viewer during a live stream of his evening show C.O.U.G.A.R. Nights coming to the fans from 135 East Main St. in the former Danielson Building.

Trinidad just got their own nightly show, but it’s a little different than your run-of-the-mill talk show. C.O.U.G.A.R. Nights is a unique show live-streamed every evening Monday through Friday via Facebook and YouTube and the show’s creator and host, Jay Gillespie said he’s excited to bring another element of creative expression to a town known for such.

The show itself is a series of 30 to 40 segments at one minute to a minute and a half and airs Monday through Friday around 8 p.m., streamed live via Facebook and YouTube. What does C.O.U.G.A.R. stand for? Gillespie said the meaning behind the acronym had been lost to time over the past couple of weeks. The show is largely a fast paced, entertaining improv routine and Gillespie added that he pulled the majority of his content, “strait out the dome.”

“There’s not too much prep work involved, other than if I were to change the backdrop,” said Gillespie. “The backdrop is one created 50-minute background. The goal is that once I can start calling it a job, I can spend a few hours during the week adjusting the background for that show and adding more to keep it fresh.”

As with any artist, Gillespie said much of the reasoning for doing it five nights a week was to challenge himself and push the boundaries of his comedic craft.

“I like to push myself creatively,” said Gillespie. “Doing a small, 15 minute show once a week feels like such a drop in the bucket. But if you can do something that’s so big that people are like, why are you doing it this big? Every night I can basically drain the bucket and then the next night the bucket is full of thoughts that I get to say when they happen. It’s fun for me to do that much improvising every night and the show gives me just enough structure that I can choose to follow it, or not.”

Gillespie started playing around with a format similar to the show during his time with Sexpot Comedy Studios back in Denver and when he moved to Trinidad earlier this year, he knew he wanted something similar, but also definitive of the town, leading him to set his gaze on Main Street.

“It was a two-hour segment twice a week for almost a year and I really loved that format,” said Gillespie. “So, when I came to Trinidad, I knew I wanted to do something in a window on Main Street but didn’t know what window it was going to be.”

Writing it off as a pipe dream, he kept it in mind and went about getting settled in Trinidad. But other forces at play would make his nightly show on Main Street a reality. Unrelated to Gillespie, the owner of the comedy studio in Denver, Kayvan Khalatbari, whom Gillespie had his previous show with, also moved to Trinidad and purchased the building at 135 East Main, formerly known as the Danielson Building. With plenty of space and an open view to the front, the new ownership wasted no time giving Gillespie access to the space.

“In a way I feel like I manifested that window for myself,” said Gillespie. “It makes me wish I had manifested one million dollars. I mean, if your manifesting stuff.”

The show is a hilarious ride through questionable news topics and Gillespie said he challenges himself not to use cursing or vulgar language, making it a local show you don’t have to hide from the kids. Additionally, viewers have the ability to call into the show during the live stream to tell him what they’re thinking; about anything.

“If people are watching the show and they love it, I would love for them to call me,” said Gillespie. “If people are watching and they hate it and they hate me and everything I stand for, I would love for them to call the show.”

Moving forward, as the show gains viewers he hopes to be able to bring on guests and create new segments.

“I really want it to be as much about Trinidad as I can cram into it,” said Gillespie. “I can also offer the businesses of Trinidad a chance to say your name on Facebook Live. It’s not much, but it’s something.”

With viewers steadily rising as he moves into his third week of broadcasting, Gillespie said he hope it becomes something the whole town enjoys.

“I really enjoy doing this show,” said Gillespie. “My goal is for Trinidad to also enjoy it and support me to be able to keep doing it.”

Gillespie said if you enjoy the show to consider making a gift on, which will help him to continue keeping things fresh and fun. People can tune into the show at Viewers can also call 520-236-9777 during the show to chat with Gillespie.

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