Stopping to take a moment

Stopping to take a moment from their busy schedules to have some fun are (L-R) Karen Jo Agnello, Carol Bolton, Cy Michaels, Penny Saeedi and Dr. Ivory Raye. The ladies are seen testing out the new equipment at Central Park.

Last week, the City of Trinidad completed the installation of five pitched music instruments near the baseball field at Central Park. The original idea for the instruments came about after a coincidental meeting between Main Street Board President Penny Saeedi and the group that makes the instruments.

“I went to Atlanta to a Rotary convention and saw these awesome instruments and thought it would be awesome if Trinidad had something like that,” said Saeedi. “Then I found out the instruments were made in Durango, Colorado which made it even better.”

The Durango based company, Freenotes Harmony Park, was a brainchild of Grammy Award-Winning musician Richard Cooke over 20 years ago. The instruments were designed with durability, sustainability, and tuning in mind and have been installed in parks and playgrounds across five continents around the world. Now, we have them in our own backyard.

Saeedi explained the installation had been two years in the works to locate a place to put them, at first pushing for their installation downtown. Ultimately, the board wanted to bring something fun and unusual to the town to give kids and adults something else to do when outside.

“With music being a bit hindered in schools right now and us being a hip, artistic place, 3enny wanted to invoke more music into Trinidad,” said Cy Michaels, who served on the board at the time of acquiring the instruments.

“We were envisioning having it downtown,” said Saeedi, “which would bring interest to the retail stores, but there’s constantly people here [Central Park] and it still is something good for the town, which in turn is good for Main Street.”

While the instruments themselves were a project of the Main Street Board, the funds for purchasing the instruments came from the City of Trinidad.

“We are so thankful for the support the city has given in buying these instruments and helping us figure out where to put them where they can be enjoyed the most,” said Saeedi. “They’re loads of fun.”

The instruments include large tubular bells, four vibraphones tuned to a bluesy scale, and a group of colorful drums constructed out of PVC. Another benefit of the final location is the fact that they’re very near Trinidad Police Department surveillance cameras that will hopefully deter vandals.

Even with COVID-19 concerns dampening a lot of activities this year, the Main Street Board has continued to push for safe activities for the public. Much of the reason for having fireworks this past Fourth of July was due to the diligence the Main Street Board.

Current members of the board include Penny Saeedi, Karen Jo Agnello, and Dr. Ivory Raye. Saeedi said they are still looking for a few more members to join them in having fun looking ahead at other things they can do for Main Street and the city at large.

Right now, they said they are working to solidify plans for the Christmas lights contest and a virtual holiday shop that The Chronicle-News will be sharing more about in the coming weeks.

For more information about the board or to apply, call Trinidad City Hall at 719-846-9843.

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