Chef Alex Turner

A new eatery opened on Wednesday, Jan. 13 called AlMack’s Kitchen at the Marketplace’s food court on North Commercial St. in downtown Trinidad.

The new restaurant features “eclectic and nutritional menu items designed to inspire their customers,” said Downtown Trinidad Development Group (DTDG), operators of The Marketplace.

AlMack’s Kitchen is owned and operated by the couple Alex Turner and Hannah Riccio.

“The eatery is a culmination of the knowledge Chef Turner and Riccio have amassed together from their work in the food services and hospitality industries,” said the development group. “Turner honed his craft as a chef cooking for numerous restaurants on the east coast, including in New York City. AlMack’s Kitchen also marks the sixth restaurant Chef Turner has helped to open. Riccio, with a heritage mix of Italian, Portuguese and Polish, brings forth a diverse, artistic culinary influence on AlMack’s Kitchen, having worked at many different restaurants and hotels throughout the country, including in Rhode Island and Utah.”

After moving to Trinidad just over eight months ago, Turner and Riccio fell in love with the area.

“There is something freeing about living in the West,” said Riccio. “It’s inspiring.”

Turner’s aunt is an established resident of Trinidad, and Turner would often visit with his mother prior to their move.

The duo saw the need for convenient, healthy food options in Trinidad.

“It is an up-and-coming town and seems like the perfect place to start our business,” said Riccio.

The decision to open AlMack’s Kitchen was also driven in part by encouragement from Turner’s mentor and life coach, Tom Mack. Due to Mack’s inspiration and investment in the restaurant, AlMack’s Kitchen was named after him. The name also serves as a tribute to Al Mac’s Diner, a well- known, classic diner in Massachusetts Turner calls one of his favorites.

The menu at AlMack’s Kitchen will be made entirely fresh and made-to-order, using high quality, locally sourced ingredients.

“We want to partner with the community and feature more products from the area,” said Turner.

Local vendors and farmers are encouraged to visit the restaurant’s website and submit an application to become a supplier.

“It is our goal to bring our customers food that is fresh, fun, aesthetically pleasing, colorful, textural, fragrant and bright,” said Riccio. “The kitchen is the heart of the home; we hope that our kitchen will fill people’s souls with goodness.”

Among other items, AlMack’s Kitchen will offer a variety of dishes including croissant French toast, egg sandwiches, chicken and black bean soup, shrimp spring rolls and their signature buttermilk biscuits drizzled with whipped honey.

“It is our goal to encourage people to try something new every time they visit us; we want to create food that not only makes you feel good, but is good for you,” said Turner.

AlMack’s Kitchen is also excited to offer customers a variety of organic juices, nitro-infused beverages and cured meats available exclusively from the restaurant.

Beyond the contemporary cuisine offering, AlMack’s Kitchen will strive to personalize each customer’s experience.

“Homemade cooking always makes food more special; we are looking to give our customers something more valuable than the usual standard option. It’s not a large place, so we can spend the time to cater to each customer’s needs and requests,” said Turner. “We want to create an atmosphere that will inspire your overall day.”

AlMack’s Kitchen will be open daily, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Starting in February, the restaurant will be open Thursday through Monday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Patrons of AlMack’s Kitchen can visit in person or order online for pick-up at Contact AlMack’s Kitchen at 719-679-4577.

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