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New Chronicle-News reporter Benjamin Mandile is seen standing in front of the John Lennon Wall in Prague the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic during a seminar he attended there. Mandile is a world traveler who brings great enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to The Chronicle-News family.

Readers may have noticed a new byline this past week — that’s because The Chronicle-News recently hired a new reporter to cover all things Trinidad, Las Animas County, Raton and Colfax County, New Mexico.

Benjamin Mandile (Man-deal)joined us from Denver, Colorado, where he had been working non-news endeavors as he worked to make his way back into the news industry. Benjamin has spent extensive time abroad in Southeast Asia, where he first decided he wanted to become a journalist.

Mandile graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado with a B.A. in Journalism and Multimedia Studies. During college he reported for and served as managing editor of the student-run news group on campus, The Independent. He previously worked as a general assignment reporter in Durango, Colorado, and New York City covering a wide range of topics from legislation to human interest stories and everything in between.

In his off time, he likes to read, talk to family and friends, and make it outside to experience the outdoor wonders of Colorado. He is also a formerly avid frisbee golf tosser, yet he hasn’t had the chance to play since moving here. Growing up he was involved in volunteer work and the Boy Scouts of America; he went on to receive his Eagle Award in 2014.

His favorite topics to cover are politics, cops and courts, but he knows people like both serious and fun news so he strives to make sure to be inclusive of all news topics in his coverage.

Mandile hopes his time working for The Chronicle-News will help him grow as a reporter, as he is still fairly new to the industry, only having been involved in journalism for four years before coming here.

He can be found at our office at 313 West Main Street or after hours at one of the local watering holes. Please join us in welcoming Benjamin Mandile into our office family and the community of Trinidad.

If you have a news item to report feel free to contact him at 719-846-3311.

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