Ryan Essaf

Ryan Essaf, Phil Long Parts and Service Department employee, provides a DrivePur sanitization treatment on a vehicle interior.

Phil Long Dealerships is offering a free vehicle interior sanitization and safety inspection to any registered vehicle owner through June 30.

Vehicle interiors are sanitized with DrivePur, an antibacterial, organically based and environmentally friendly purification treatment. Using the sun’s ultra-violet energy, the treatment guards against viruses, mold, germs, and allergens, and lasts up to six months. The patented formula contains Titanium Dioxide and Sodium Clorite, and is hospital-grade protection found in Intensive Care Units and surgical rooms.

From mid-April to the end of May, the automotive group provided any employee working for a Critical Business or Critical Government a free oil change and safety inspection on registered vehicles. During the six-week period, Phil Long’s Parts and Service Departments served over 3,600 local heroes that are helping to keep our community protected, supplied, and healthy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Over 21,600 quarts of oil were provided free to essential workers during the servicing of their vehicles. Phil Long Dealerships recycles 100 percent of used oil and oil filters as part of their regular operations and procedures.

“With more people driving as we transition from the Stay-At-Home order, we want to offer our community safety and mobility to get outdoors,” said Jay Cimino, President and CEO of Phil Long Dealerships. “Phil Long appreciates our customers that are helping to keep our community healthy and moving in the right direction amid COVID-19.”

Phil Long Dealerships has 15 vehicle service locations throughout the state of Colorado in Denver, Colorado Springs, Glenwood Springs, and Trinidad. Additionally, the automotive group has a service location at its dealership in Raton, New Mexico.

Residents can go to PhilLong.com for full details and to schedule an appointment at participating service locations. Appointments can also be scheduled by calling 719.387.8968. Complimentary vehicle pick-up and delivery are provided within a 10-mile radius of a participating Phil Long service location.

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