The Primero School Board held a special meeting at 5 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 30 to discuss the Las Animas/Huerfano County Health Department’s recommendation that all school districts in both counties revert to online instruction from Nov. 30 thru Jan. 15.

In light of the recommendation, the Primero School Board and administration canceled Puppyland Preschool on Nov. 30, switched secondary students to online only, and held in-person classes for elementary students in order to issue chrome books and finalize online instruction plans and materials.

At the special board meeting, parents and teachers expressed valid concerns on both sides of the issue.

Reasons stated supporting the county health department’s recommendation to close included ensuring the continued health and safety of students and the community, making a small sacrifice now to ensure few closures later, and showing the students that it is important to listen to what scientists say.

Reasons opposing moving to online only instruction included the difficulty meeting students’ social, emotional, and academic needs online. Several professionals in the community spoke about the low risk factors of children due to COVID-19, and high risks from staying home, including the risk of neglect and abuse.

In the end, the decision rested with the Primero school board, which voted 6-1 to reject the LAHCDH’s recommendation to move to online learning.

Primero resumed in-person learning for preschool and elementary grades, and hybrid instruction for grades 6-12, on Dec. 1.

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