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Primero Schools honor longtime teacher Rose Montoya on her retirement

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Rose Montoya

Rose Montoya

After 42 years working in the Primero School District, veteran teacher Rose Montoya is retiring at the conclusions of the 2019/2020 school year — and her presence will be sorely missed by her students and colleagues.

During her tenure at Primero, Montoya taught various grades of elementary students and sponsored several extracurricular activities, including National Honor Society; most recently, she held the position of Title I Instructor.

Montoya’s fellow teachers will remember her fondly as she retires in order to relocate closer to family. “Mrs. Montoya was my mentor my first year of teaching,” remembered kindergarten teacher Mary Hill. “She helped me become the teacher that I am today. I am grateful for her leadership, support, and most importantly our friendship.”

“Rose and I have been together for 40-plus years, not only as colleagues, but friends as well,” said second grade teacher Shirley Duran. “We’re like family because of an abundance of memories. I will truly miss my friend and colleague, but the sweet memories we shared together will stay in my heart forever. I remember a time when we went out of town to purchase school supplies in the blue boat! What followed was quite an adventure that we will never forget. While it pains me not to see her in the halls of Primero, I wish her a blessed life in her new path.”

Third grade teacher Jamie Odum shared, “Mrs. Montoya’s love for learning spilled over in her classroom and with her colleagues. She is such a caring, compassionate, and giving person; always on a mission to help her students succeed, mentoring and leading staff members, and dedicated to making Primero the best. Her kind eyes, contagious smile, and love for all those she encountered throughout her years of teaching will be deeply missed; she is irreplaceable. She has been a blessing in my life, and words can’t express how much I miss her. Thank you for all the memories, hugs, laughs, and joy you have brought to my life. I wish you the best as you begin a new adventure!”  

These sentiments are echoed by secondary science teacher Josette Andrews. “My experience with Mrs. Montoya goes beyond being a colleague; it goes back to fourth grade at the school building in Weston. I was just entering fourth grade when Mrs. Montoya was hired as the elementary science teacher and fifth grade homeroom.”

“I remember her room always being exciting,” said Andrews. “The fifth grade class always took care of the fish tank that she kept in her room. As students, we couldn’t wait to get to fifth grade so we could take care of the fish tank. We used to bring salamanders into the class until the day the boys in the class set them loose, and they were running around in the restrooms. Mrs. Montoya told us, ‘No more salamanders.’ I loved and respected her from a student’s standpoint, and I love and respect her from the standpoint of a co-worker today.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Montoya for her many years of service and dedication to the Primero students,” said Superintendent Bill Naccarato. “We will definitely miss Mrs. Montoya, and would like to wish her the best on her retirement and next phase of her life.”

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