Each month, Primero’s teachers, administration, and staff select students from the various grade levels to recognize as Students of the Month. Primero’s Students of the Month are selected based on outstanding attendance, stellar grades, and diligent work ethic. These students serve as role models for the student body and shine as examples of good character within the community.


Harley Griego is a thirteen-year-old seventh grade student at Primero High School. Her favorite classes are English, math, and social studies. She is involved in sports, and in her free time, Harley enjoys reading.


Marcus Hahn is a thirteen-year-old eighth grader at Primero. His favorite subject is science. Marcus is involved in cross country. His hobbies and interests include riding dirt bikes and four-wheelers, playing Xbox, and going outside.


Skyler McCorkle is a fifteen-year-old freshman at Primero High School. Her favorite class is Introduction to Business. Skyler is involved in cheerleading, volleyball, and basketball.


Madison Nash is a seventeen-year-old junior at Primero. Her favorite subject is history. Madison is involved in volleyball and yearbook. Her hobbies and interests include riding/training horses, drawing, hiking, cooking, and riding four-wheelers.


Rebecca is a fifteen-year-old tenth grader at Primero. Her favorite subjects are math and economics. Rebecca is involved in Explorers Club, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), sports, and NJROTC. Her hobbies and interests include repelling and climbing, Intro to NJROTC (color guard and drill teams). “I want to go into the Navy or Army after graduating,” says Vigil. She also enjoys reading and working on trucks.


Eliot Diaz is a eight-year-old second grader at Primero. Eliot’s favorite subject in school is math, and in his free time, Eliot likes to solve math problems.


Addy Dunlap is an eleven-year-old fifth grade student at Primero. Addy’s favorite subject in school is spelling, and in her free time, Addy’s hobbies include horses, volleyball, hiking, and going on jeep rides with her family


Efrain Pancho is a nine-year-old third grade student at Primero. His favorite school subject is reading, and Efrain is very interested in science.


Casen Mangino is a seven-year-old first grade student at Primero. In school, Casen enjoys math, and in his free time, he likes to go hunting, play with his little brother, and ride his bike.

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