Primero Schools Media Club

The 2020-2021 Primero Schools Media Club members include Liam Lopez, Meagan Hebert, Taden Lopez, Sam Kelch and Julenna Lopez.

“Yearbook is going to be exciting at Primero this year, as we will be self-publishing,” said English teacher and Yearbook/Media Club sponsor Patricia Johnson. “This means that students have more responsibility and flexibility in the pages we want to feature and the ways in which we feature them.”

“We are working with Steve Wharton, who teaches professional photography skills, layouts, and pretty much everything else required to create a publication.”

This year, Primero’s Yearbook staff — juniors Mikailah Feinman, Makayla Nash and Nathan Nash - along with Steve Wharton and middle school Media Club students will be taking student school pictures.

“We are very excited about this opportunity, as it will allow us to make sure we have the best pictures of our students and school for years to come,” said Johnson.

“To support some of our production goals, we will be including pictures taken by Media Club students Julenna Lopez, Tadem Lopez, Liam Lopez, Tyler Corso, Sam Kelch, Eddie Transcoso, Jacob Transcoso, and Meagan Hebert. These Media Club students will also be working toward a school publication,” Johnson said.

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