Space to Create will soon be welcoming its first tenants in the loft apartments atop their Main Street location. The project, taking several years and countless hours of renovation, took the existing 200 block of Main Street and in a masterful architectural scheme blended elements of the original structure with a modern twist.

The Space to Create upstairs lofts on Main, along with the apartments nearing completion on Elm Street, are managed by Silva Markham Partners, a national non-profit, while the downstairs ‘commons area’ is the responsibility of the city to finish building out. According to Councilmember Rusty Goodall, the city is getting close to having the funds needed to complete the first phase of the build out, coming in at approximately $1.2 million.

“That [commons space] is ours and is a separately funded project,” said Goodall. “Last I heard we’re close to a million dollars raised for that build out.”

Trinidad Mayor Phil Rico said Economic Development Coordinator Wally Wallace had really done a great job looking for monies to finish out the downstairs.

“Wally’s been working hard trying to get that additional funding,” said Rico.

Rico also mentioned they’ve been fortunate and presently surprised with the funds they’ve been able to devote to the project to bring it to fruition.

“Plus we’ve kicked marijuana money twice to both Noah’s Ark and this project,” said Goodall.

As for the apartments on Main, the public can expect to start seeing residents coming and going from the lofts as several of the apartments have already been leased. Wally Wallace said the city has been getting a lot of calls, not only about Space to Create, but numerous exciting projects happening within the city.

“We’re getting a lot of interest in it [the project overall], we just got to keep plugging along to get it ready to start filling it up,” said Wallace. “We’ve been getting a lot of calls at the city from all angles; people interested in different things and projects of all different sizes.”

For more information about renting a space in the new facility, call 303-835-8181 or email

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