Linda Barron

Linda Barron hard at work sewing masks for veterans.

Linda Barron is on a mission. The Trinidad businesswoman / seamstress, is a whirling dervish when it comes to doing what she can for the betterment of veterans and community.

Now, it seems, Barron is determined to do what she can to help veterans and other needy persons.

Her most recent goal and aspiration is to sew as many facemasks as she can to assist in the fight against COVID-19. At this writing, she had made 3,500, and counting. Her sister Nhan and daughter Lynn made over 400, and pitched in with over 2,000 yards of elastic strips.

“I’ve been a tailor for 46 years and I had a lot of materials on hand,” mused Barron, “but we had difficulty finding all that we needed. Lynn found a lot that I needed and it came to me all at once. My niece Kathy (Rhodes) sent me a roll of elastic to get me by until the big order came in. We were all working to get the labor done for our veterans and community, and for people in need in other places.”

Linda and her hard-working assistants also shipped masks to Raton, Denver, Greeley and Texas. “Now’s the time that we should come together like we did during 9/11,” said Barron.

The seamstress and entrepreneur from southern Colorado, a lady with a burning passion for veterans and for her country, also has a passion for hard work en route to her ultimate goal; to make America better for as many individuals as she can. She toiled for 61 consecutive days from early morning until midnight to accomplish the construction of most of her masks.

“When it all comes to my mind, I feel good about it and our wonderful country, and the community I love,” concluded Barron. “We all live here and die here, but in the end it is important that I do what I can, not only for our community, but for all of those in need.”  

Bernie Gonzales, former Las Animas County Clerk administrator and Viet Nam veteran, knows Barron well. Her latest endeavor for veterans is not surprising to him, but he is amazed at her tenacity when she gets her mind set to put forth all her efforts to help, particularly veterans.  

“She’s helping a lot of people in our community and elsewhere with her masks for COVID-19, explained Gonzales. “I told her lately ‘don’t you think you need a break,’ and she would have none of it. This thing is not going away and she’ll help all of us with whatever — and forever. We’ve been together over 25 years working on projects for vets, and we have good people who help us, but she is the catalyst for all the work she has put in. I can’t say enough about all her efforts and tireless work over the years, all for the benefit our community and country. Linda, I can’t say enough about all you have done for us. And I can’t thank you enough for being my little sister.”

On June 28, as a young woman, Barron relocated from South Vietnam to the United States, and, ultimately, to Trinidad, Colorado in 1985 where she married rancher Stanley Barron. Linda related that she began working for American troops in South Viet Nam when she was 14. “My passion is American veterans,” explained Barron in a recent interview for The Chronicle News. “I worked for those G.I.’s for a long time. They sure took good care of me.”

She served as a member of the Chamber of Commerce Board from 1994-2002 and was designated president in 2017-2018. Currently, the ‘woman on a mission’ is active in The Trinidad Veterans Committee with good friend Gonzales, the Spanish Peaks Red Cross Branch and as a board member of the Stonewall Church, taking care of all their public relation needs.

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