Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Trinidad School District No. 1 and Trinidad High School are excited to welcome Kelly Anderson as part of our educational team. Kelly hails from Tampa Bay, Florida, and is a graduate of Muma College of Business at the University of South Florida. She and her husband are looking forward to living here in Colorado with its changing weather and four seasons. Last month’s snow was an unexpected treat for both of them.

Trinidad’s small-town feel and rich history, along with the friendly staff at Trinidad High School have made Anderson feel like she is part of a family.

Being the youngest in her family with three older brothers, she has learned to endure and has supported herself by working two jobs since the age of 17.

The knowledge and experience Anderson has gained from her studies in Human Resources and International Business will be incorporated into her Computer/Business curriculum. Traveling to foreign countries has given her a unique insight into international business; how culture and religion play a much larger part in business than it does in the United States.

Anderson and her husband are looking forward to hiking, biking, walks in the mountains and all other outdoor activities Colorado has to offer.       

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