Trinidad State

Trinidad State employees celebrated some of their colleagues who are retiring this year with a socially distant parade. Pictured  (L-R) are retirees Lorrie Cappellucci, Greg Boyce and Keith Gipson.

On Friday, May 22, Trinidad State employees honored several colleagues who are retiring with a socially-distant celebration.

 “Even though we couldn’t celebrate graduation this year as hoped, Trinidad State employees came together to bid farewell and to honor several employees who have chosen this year to retire,” said Trinidad State President Dr. Rhonda Epper.

Three retiring employees, Lorrie Cappellucci, Greg Boyce and Keith Gipson were able to take part in the gathering. The school picked a grassy area with some shade; set lawn chairs six-feet apart and set out a “congratulations” cake.

Employees wore masks and a string of maintenance vehicles drove by in parade.   

“It was a beautiful day to celebrate,” said Epper. “Add a few TSJC employees with their masks on and you have the makings of a simple and fun gathering to celebrate some retirees’ service to Trinidad State.  Not all of the retirees were available to attend, but those that did had a chance to enjoy the string of maintenance vehicles that drove by and honked and to chat a bit with those who dropped by.”

The school offered heartfelf congratulations and cheers to Cappellucci, Boyce, Gipson and the other retirees.

Said Epper, “They will be missed, but we happily will appreciate their returning to us to help with special projects.”

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