The Las Animas County Fair kicked off this week with a bang. Hoehne School District Art Teacher (K-12) Jadah Morrison was approached to put together an Art Show for The Las Animas County Fair this year and that is exactly what she did.

The art show was for all ages and Morrison said the age range was from seven years to 80 years old.  The art itself was very diverse and very good. The talent in the show was overwhelming.

Being the first year for an art show in many years, Morrision is hoping that this will be the first of many moving forward. She also mentioned that in coming years she would like to expand the catagories to include all kinds for art — from painting to sculptures and anything in between.

The rules were very basic to allow any and all entries. Morrison said that she didn’t want to eliminate anyone from entering.

The pieces ranged from landscapes to pencil sketches, and even a painting of Eddie, the mascot for the band Iron Maiden. One artist in participating in the contest was an artist who goes by Juan Z. He submitted multiple pieces. The interesting thing about Juan is that he does not have any hands. He devised a way to paint and draw without them and his work is amazing.

The voting was open to the public. The voters came in and made their blind selections. According to Morrison, there was a great turnout for the voting.

The winners have been announced and they are as follows:

1st Place went to Jadah Morrison for her Harry Potter Painting

2nd Place went to Kelsey Price with An Untitled Deer Photo

3rd Place was won by Kelsey Price with Untitled Bee Photo

And the People’s Choice Award goes to Susan Clark piece entitled “Colorado”

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