In this edition, we wanted to talk to a few recent newcomers to Trinidad.

So, we asked, “You are relatively new to Trinidad. What prompted you to move here?

Here is what we found out:

Greg and Annie Harder

We moved to Trinidad after a couple of years considering where we wanted to retire. We Googled  “music and arts; college town; population less than 20,000; and historic.” Up pops Trinidad.

We like the simplicity of lifestyle and the beautiful views that surround this quaint town.

The warm welcome we have received since arriving has been amazing with great neighbors, open arms, and lots of genuine “hellos.”

We have found healing places and have met several people who are knowledgeable in the holistic field. We love the farmers’ market, the riverwalk, the galleries, and the cool historic buildings. We enjoy biking and hiking and find we can take easy day trips to find interesting places to explore.

Growing older in a way that suits us is exactly what we were looking for and we have found it in Trinidad.

Melodie Lanosga

Initially, I set out to just travel and explore new places in America. I was somewhat familiar with Trinidad, having had past business dealings here and decided to venture back to take a closer look.

I simply loved the “feel” of the town and the sense of energy.

Since moving here, I’ve met many like-minded people who are also newcomers. I have found that I could walk just about anywhere from my downtown residence, which is above my business.

I’ve led a busy life having raising six kids as a single mother while juggling numerous marketing projects, creating jewelry, and running retail stores. Now that I have more time on my hands, I am learning how to invest in crypto-currency without having to leave my desk.

I am having fun exploring the art of “upcycling,” a craft similar to recycling except it involves creating new and unusual items from old, discarded items. I also own and operate Up Swing here in Trinidad, a vintage clothing store.  

I only hope the growth will be thoughtful and well managed.

Kathi Ligon

I came to Colorado from Arizona. I passed through Trinidad as I was headed to northern Colorado to visit a friend with a vague thought of perhaps moving to Colorado.

I am at the time of my life where I want to slow down, live a simple life, and just do my art, which is primarily artistic book making and paper art. I was intrigued by the looks of Trinidad, especially all the old brick buildings I saw at first glance as I drove up I-25. I made a mental note to stop and take a closer look upon my return trip back to Arizona.

I also briefly looked at Pueblo, but from the minute I got off the interstate and hit the city limits of Trinidad, I knew I would love to live here. I contacted a realtor and we began a search for a house for me to buy.

As he drove me about looking at what houses were for sale, I was amazed at how affordable each one was compared to Arizona. Later, I drove around myself and found one on Pine that I hadn’t seen. I followed up with the owner and bought it on the spot.

I went on back to Arizona, loaded up my belongings, and here I came.  

I love he old-timey feel of the city. People actually sit on their front porches and wave at you as you pass. Where can you find that anymore?


Eden and Jeff Morris

We came to Trinidad from Oklahoma after having traveled all around Washington, Kansas, California, and Colorado looking for affordable property before finding a house in Trinidad that we liked and could afford.

In addition, we thought the area was simply beautiful with a lot of potential for growth. We felt that, with growth, our property value was bound to go up which it has already. There are many indications the population is increasing which means, for us, more business.

We went back to Oklahoma long enough to pack up our stuff and moved to Trinidad.

One of the first things we did after moving into our new home was to have our carpets cleaned. When we got the bill, we were surprised how high it was and an idea was planted in our heads. In the meantime, we worked odd jobs around town for the first six months, saving up with the thought of starting our own carpet cleaning business, which we call SoCo Quick Clean, LLC.

It has been very lucrative and now we are in training to add water/mold remediation and restoration, and trauma/crime scene clean up.

We just had a sense that this was the place for us from the get-go and feel we made a good choice.


Laura Tucker

My husband’s employment brought us here from Arkansas. We had decided we wanted a change of scenery, so he started a job search in hospital administration.

When we happened to visit some friends who had moved to Colorado, we felt this was the place for us, which has proved to be true. My husband was offered a position at Mt. San Rafael as its CEO and we came to look Trinidad over.

When we saw what a neat little vale it was with such pretty scenery we made the decision for him to accept the offer and to move to Trinidad, which we did in July of 2015.

The longer we are here, the more we have come to love it. Both of us have become very involved in the community and have made many friends.

We have two children.  Our oldest, after graduating this year will be leaving to attend college. We plan to be here for a long time.

Getting out and about, talking to recent city newcomers

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