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A celebration of success at Raton’s K-Bob’s

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The party celebration for K-Bob’s 35th anniversary kicked off with a bang on Monday, Sept. 23. Business was great and the customers were all happy with the special menu for the event.

The four of us, Kim, Rich, my wife Julie, and myself stopped by on Tuesday to check out the food for ourselves. What a great idea!

We had a variety of dishes off of the special 35th Anniversay Menu. Let’s start with Kim. She had the Liver and Onions special. Now, Julie and Kim both like liver, and according to them it was quite excellent. Rich, on the other hand, does not. He tried it anyway and the look on his face was priceless. So, lesson learned... if you like liver, this is a great dish!

Rich had the Smothered Charloin... he was much happier with that. Very tasty and nice portions as well. It was gone pretty fast so I guess you could say he liked it.

Julie and I had the Meatloaf, and  it was outstanding. We had mashed potatoes with the dish and it was flowing over the edge of the plate. With the gravy, it was really a nice plate of food.

Oh by the way... the Salad Wagon! Yup, that came with the meal as well as Chips and Salsa. the chips were warm and the salsa was nice with a bit of spice. But back to the Salad Wagon.  I could graze there for hours. I think that the staff might have gotten upset if I had just pulled a chair up to the Wagon... so I didn’t. My wife talked me out of it. Smart girl.

There is still time to head on down to K-Bob’s and experience the great food and service. Plus they have give-aways throughout the week to some lucky winners for their Raffle. The event ends September 30th.

The place was packed when we went so you know the food is good. And the deal... $35 for two people including Salad Wagon, Chips and Salsa, two main dishes, and a cobbler with ice cream to share.

All four of us were stuffed to the gills when we left. I cannot speak for Kim and Rich but Julie and I went home and tried to do a little workout. ..but ended up kind of falling asleep early. Good food can do that.

Located at 1228 S. 2nd St., Raton, NM 87740, K-Bob’s is open seven days a week, plus delivers and caters as well. They also have a To-Go Menu.  Since we live on the border of New Mexico and Colorado, a To-Go Menu could be dangerous, but what the heck. I like living on the edge... and I mean that literally!

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