Aaron Williamson

Trinidad native Aaron Williamson has thrown his hat into the ring and is running for one of three spots open on the city council.

Today we’re sitting down with Trinidad City Council candidate, Aaron Williamson. Williamson graduated from Trinidad High School and attended TSJC, and currently works in the natural gas industry in Trinidad.

If elected, Williamson promises to work with other councilmembers through common sense decision-making that will best benefit and reflect the public’s desires for the direction of the town.

Here is the rest of our interview with candidate Aaron Williamson:

The Chronicle-News: How long have you lived in Trinidad?

Aaron Williamson: “I was born here in 1975. Graduated from Trinidad H.S. in 1994. Went to college here after the Navy, and came back, and then for a short time lived in Denver, Colorado, about nine years and came back to Trinidad in 2010 and I’ve been back ever since.

TCN: Why have you decided to run for office?

Williamson: “I’m running for city council for the same reason that whoever is reading this is reading it. I’m interested in Trinidad. I’m a stake holder in Trinidad, and I want to be active and participating in that process, and all of us through various means and levels of involvement, that’s all of our responsibilities to help shape Trinidad for ourselves, for our children and our future generations. So, I’m involved in it because I really care and I want to be part of that process to shape the direction we’re going, and help bring other people’s voices to that change.”

TCN: What are some of the challenges you see our town facing and how will you address them?

Williamson: “Being on city council allows me to help with those changes. But being that its city council, that’s a collection of individuals that hopefully work together for the common good of every resident of Trinidad. That being said, I think you have the best outcomes when you go into a room full of people with different ideas. If everyone walks into the room and they have the same ideas, there’s not any diversity of opinion, you can’t have good challenging, stimulating conversation and you usually won’t be able to work towards the best outcome that way. It’s important that I bring my own opinion to the table, which I have a lot of opinions and beliefs. But it’s also important that I talk to people on this journey and path and help bring their voices to the table. One of my main concerns is bringing safer, cleaner, more family-friendly parks, trails, open spaces, public spaces to Trinidad. We really need to work together to do that.”

TCN: How will you work to maintain a positive relationship between the city and county?

Williamson: “The way that I see it, being that we are in a rural area of Colorado and we are a small town, however, in a very large county, that county to town relationship becomes even more important. It’s something that I’ve actually thought about. You really need to advocate for a strong and open dialog between county commissioners, city council. I think that’s something we really need to do is stay in close communication with our counterparts in the county and make sure we are not working against each other, but with each other.”

TCN: Why should the public vote for you?

Williamson: First and foremost, I would say that a vote for me would be a good idea because number one, I don’t believe this gives me an edge over anybody, because people can move to this town and care just as much as I do. My opinion is that I was born here; most of my family still resides here; I have a long history here and continuing interest here in Trinidad. Like I said, I hope my son can go to school here, and hopefully will have an industry here where he’s able to stay and not move away so like many other people that I know. So, I have a keen interest in Trinidad’s success. I would say that I’m a sincere person and an honest person, and that’s something I really want to bring to the table; an open and transparent relationship with anybody who wants to approach me on that. They’ll feel confident that they’ll have a voice at the table. Purely, and simply is these are my qualifications. I know in my heart that I’ll bring sincerity and honesty to the job and just an openness to communicate.

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